[IdP] How to get User Profile details upon successfull authentication?

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Published on 9 May by Telmo Martins
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Published on 9 May by Telmo Martins

Hello Team,

We are planning to use idpConnector for SSO and we successfully integrated the connector with a sample outsystems application using onelogin

We need more information about the authenticated user like User Id,Region he belongs,department,title,role

So question is how do we get these user profile details - User Id,Region he belongs,department,title,role back in the outsystems upon successfull authentication?




Hi RajaHasti,

When user logged in on ADFS side it will sent back to idP component SAML message with user details, some of the details as groups will be added automatically, but some of them you need to add custom code. Please review Auth-idP screen it Preparation, where idP component parse SAML message, create user and add required data to the database. 

Now automatically added to OutSytems entities this data: user email, Groups, Mobile phone, username. All this information is added only if on ADFS side, administrator assign claims to request AD attributes.

If you need more information from ADFS like department,title,role and others.
1) You should ask your administrator to add to Relying Party Trust of your Endpoint required claims to be provided.
2) You need to create own user_extra entity with required fields.
3) You need to add extra custom code to Auth-idP Preparation.

Update: not latter than 05.10.2017 our team will update current version of idP component.
New features:
- bugs fixed
- configuration of idP component from FederationMetadata. 

- Creation of idP component MetaData.xml, so system administrator should only import this metadata to ADFS and connect requested claims, and the component will work straight from the box.