Debug doesn´t work?!

Debug doesn´t work?!

I'm working with Service Studio but I can´t debug may application. I´m connected to Outsystems Server.
During running, Service Studio automatically opens the application Entry in a new browser instance. But in the moment that eSpace execution should be suspended and Service Studio should switch to the lower pane view to the Debugger Tab, it just goes on and I can´t see what´s happening.

Any ideia why this is happening? Why can't I debug my application?
Hi Ana,

Just some quick question so that we can pinpoint your problem:
- After running your eSpace, does Service Studio display a message saying that debugger started successfully? Sometimes the debugger is unable to attach itself, but Service Studio warns you about this.
- Are you testing on your Personal Area? The debugger only works inside your personal area, so the URL you should be using is in the form of <servername>/<espacename>/<yourusername>
- Double check that you have the breakpoint on your desired location. If you're trying to stop execution on the page load, it should be located in the page's Preparation action.

I hope this can help. Please, don't hesitate do get back to these forums if you need more help.

Have fun using the platform!

Hi, again!

Aswering your questions:

- I don´t get the message you mentioned.
- The URL I´m using is in the form<myeSpace>/<myuser>/...
- I' m trying to debug an action associated to a button. I put the breakpoint in an "if widget". Basically I'm doing the exercice 5.2 of Lesson 5 in the OutSystems Tutorial...

And I steel can´t do the debug...

Thank you in advance.
Hi Ana,

Just to clarify, the debug message appears in the Validator window in the end of the Run operation. Is the message saying that the debugger successfully started? A message should always appear stating the debugger status.

Also, don't forget that debug only works when using Run, and not after you 1CP your eSpace. Are you sure you're using Run?

Sorry for the basic questions, but sometimes these concepts get mixed up...
Hi, Gonçalo!

I send you an image of what I get after running the application.The message that should always appear stating the debugger status isn't there. The browser is oppened mas as I said before, but when testing the save button, the breakpoint in the action associated doesn't work. The application goes on, as if the breakpoint wasn´t there.

Yes, I´m using Run. But before I´ve already done the 1 CP.

It's my first time using this platform. I'm having fun using it. Sorry if I'm anoying you with this problem.

Hi again Ana!

It's really good that you're having fun using the platform, and no, you're not annoying me at all. It's always a pleasure to help a fellow OutSystems user :)

You seem to be doing everything ok, so maybe there is a configuration problem in your environment. In older versions, Service Studio had problems debugging when firewalls were present. Can you tell me your Service Studio version? You can find it in the Help menu > About option.

If the version you're using is not, then please upgrade. You can find this version here ->

Please get back to me with the results; I'll be glad to help you further if this does not solve your problem.


I'm sorry but I'm using that version... Is there any other reason? My IE is 6.0.02800.1106CO with SP1.


Are you in an environment protected by a firewall? Maybe the firewall is blocking debugger access. Please make sure nothing is in the way...

If you have a personal firewall, maybe you can grant full trust to Service Studio?

Other than that, I don't see anything else we can try...

Hope this helps,

I don't have a personal firewall but I'm in an environment protected by a firewall.

I´ll try to workaround this and test debug again.

Thanks for your help.