[IdP] idpConnector and OneLogin REST APIS?

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Published on 16 Apr (9 days ago) by Telmo Martins
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Published on 16 Apr (9 days ago) by Telmo Martins

Hello Team,

Wanted to understand - If we plan to use OneLogin as Identity Access Management provider for SSO,then can we call OneLogin REST API to do full user management instead of using idpConnector?

I see that we only need to use OneLogin ClientId and Client Secret to access the OneLogin REST API from any client program like Outsystems.

Where as idpConnector requires certificate of org onelogin to be configured.It seems security breach.

and i see we need to do lot of customization to idpconnector to do full user management -create user ,login ...

Where as Onelogin REST API provides full user management we just need to call API

Please suggest what all other benefits does idpConnector provides other than Onelogin RESTAPIS?



 I don't know much of IDP or onelogin REST API as I continue to develop this app. However I have been  informed  that I must work with Google in order to fully achieve my objectives in SSO. Then, I Opened sign up for G Suite and created it with a domain Christian62.Com  Let me know if everything is well with Outsystems that I have not crossed the line, thanks.

Hi Rajasekhar,

I'm not aware of OneLogin REST API and what they can do.

The IdP connector allows you to establish a secure session (login) with an IdP (like OneLogin) with SAML 2.0 protocol through HTTP-POST / HTTP-Redirect.

If that APIs allows you to perform any kind of secure login and you choose to use them for that purpose you have no need of IdP Connector.

Regarding user management, the IdP Connector by default only creates the user on OS side (if not yet created upon login on IdP) and sets the Name, Email and User Groups (if present in the claims). At the moment, any additional user management / configuration must be implemented.