Calendar on Widget Library

Calendar on Widget Library

Hi, I'm using the calendar webblock available on the oml widgetlibrary40, and also ran you eorganizer oml.

Got 2 issues

1 - When I run the eorganizer, and press the calendar icon, it gives a nice looking non-transparent calendar.

If i ran it in my app, it gives me a transparent and ugly (in my opinion) calendar....

Is there anything to do in style sheets or something ???

2- when i set the FlatStyle bool variable to true, it not only shows me the calendar, but a list of months beneath it....Only if i press some date they disappear...I ran for checking in the eOrganizer solution, and it again appears that pretty looking calendar...

What might be wrong?

Any ideas???

Best regards,

Diogo Cordeiro
Hi Diogo.

Well, judging from your description, I'd say that definitely yes, it's got something to do with the stylesheets.

On the top of my head, I'd suggest going to the Widget Library eSpace, opening its stylesheet, and then you should find a section related to the calendar widget. It should be well delimited.

What you should do then is copy that whole section to your application's stylesheet, and that should do the trick.

Nonetheless, there's a big issue that your questions point out, which is "how would you have known this in the first place?".

Let us know if this helps!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
Hi, thanks for your quick and accurate answerit...

I just copied the Calendar lines, availbale in the e-organizer (available in widgetlibrary oml too) style-sheet into my apps style -sheet and it worked just fine.

Maybe there should be some warning or the style-sheet could be automatically loaded when we add a refference to an external oml or extension?

Best regards,

Diogo Cordeiro