OutSystems' SQL Server 2017 Support

OutSystems' SQL Server 2017 Support


Hello Fellow OutSystemers,

I'm know OutSystems 10 currently supports SQL Server 2016; thanks OS!   

My DBA tells me that SQL Server 2017 is now RTM

Does anyone know if there are plans in the works for OS 10 to support SQL Server 2017?

Or, perhaps it'll be incorporated as part of the next release?

Thanks everyone,



Hi Bob,

Well, support for SQL Server 2016 was added about 4 months ago... late May 2017, to OS 10.

The optimistic scenario would be support for SQL Server 2017 in Q2 2018, but probably only with OS 11, so maybe Q3 2018? I'm just making assumptions based on previous releases.   

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for the update; I'll forward the news on to our DBA.

And thanks for the quick answer!