Component with multiple screens


I would like to create a component with multiple pages that can be used in multiple projects. The component would be a web block with list of elements and i wanted to also be able to add elements and edit them. I thought about some solutions:

  • Use a popup. Can be a problem because the edit screen I want to implement grows and shrinks while editing
  • Go to a new page that knows where to callback when the user decides to go back clicking in a button on the page. The problem here is to keep the right menu on the new page.
  • Ajax refresh to change the webblock of page. I would hide and show the containers. This way i show the container of the list or the one of show depending of the state of the webblock. The webblock gets really complex because of all the options

Anyone has an example of something like this or a better approach on how to solve it. In your opinion what is the best option? I'm thinking on using the ajax refresh option.

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Hi Marcelo,

I don't understand what component you want to develop. What is your use case for that component? Maybe an example would help.



Lets say I have many entitys customer, employee, providers, etc. All of them have documents. I would like to create a componenent with a list of documents for each of them. But I also want to be able to check more info about the documents and edit them without leaving the context of the entity I'm in at the moment.

This explanation was enough?



Anyone with some thoughts on this matter?



I think there are some things that aren't clear. You want multiple entities to be able to edit document information.

What you can do is put a filter in the beginning of the page to filter what kind of employee document you want to see. Then after opening the document you want to be able to edit it? By sections? Like europass? For that you can open a popup when the user clicks the part he wants to edit.

Then the user edits the information in that popup. If you need you can dinamically resize it so you wont have shrinking problems.

is that the issue? Maybe we need some more info to help you,



Why not create a webblock instead of a page ?

this way, the child-application can include it or not.

refresh the webblock when they feel like it etc.