Combo Boxes, Table Records, and converting text to Record List ....

Hi, i currently have a table records list, with a combo box for each line.

I would like to have different values in the combo box according to some field of the current line...

Is there any way to do it??

If there was a way of in the combo box "Source Record List" field, putting an if, that would choose the record list i wanted for that line....The If function returns text.....Is there any way i could return a record list name? After all, all i write in that field is text...i just need to identify it as a record list...

Is this possible?

Best regards,

Diogo Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

In order to solve your problem, I would suggest you to assign a function to the "Source Record List" parameter of the Combo Box.
This function would receive retrieve a record list of the same type as the "Source Entity/Struct" parameter of the Combo Box.

Best Regards,
-- José Martins
I suppose i'd have to write down such a function and then import it as a reference?

I'm not quite sure how can i build a function of that type....

Which should be my entry arguments? I suppose the value that will define my output.....

How do i set an output of type "record list" ?

I've never build a function to import it afterwards and am a little rusty with c#.....
Hi Diogo,

I think you got wrong what José said. When he writes about a function he's, for sure, mentioning a Service Studio action configured has a function. Create the necessary input parameters to populate your record list and define an output parameter of type record list with the record definition expected for the combo box population. When you define an action has a function Service Studio prompts you to add an output parameter.

Hint: If you're trying to create a record list out of a text string use the String_Split action provided in the Text extension. This action allows you to separate a string given a token. The output of it is a record list with record type set to a Text structure defined in the extension.

Hope this helps.
Hi Diogo

I believe Jose meant using an User Action, with the attribute Function set to 'Yes'.

Just create an Action returning the Record List and set the Function attribute to 'Yes' on the eSpace Tree. Note that one and only one Output parameter shout be created for functions.

Paulo Ramos
Thank you all....The user action suited me fine, and it's now working as i wanted :-)

Best regards,

Diogo Cordeiro