Adding Meta Tags to your Screens

Adding Meta Tags to your Screens

Hi everyone,

Ever now and then, someone needs to add meta tags to screens. Meta tags are useful for Search Engine Optimization and for a myriad of other tasks. If you don't know what Meta tags are, you can find a quick reference here -> .

Although this is not directly supported in the platform (yet...) there is one way to do this, based on ASP.NET Filters and the code provided in . Please find attached an extension that allows you to do this.

This extension is still in experimental stage, so please post any feedback you might have or changes you have made.

One final note about the provided methods. There are only two methods in this extension, AddSingleMetaTag (which only adds one Meta tag to your HEAD section) and AddMetaTags (which adds a list of Meta tags). They cannot be used together on the same request, so use AddSingleMetaTag if you only need to add one Meta tag or use AddMetaTags if you need more than one.

Many, many thanks to Tiago Simoes for pointing out the article and leading the way.
Gonçalo Gaiolas
Adding <meta> tags is now supported in the HttpRequestHandler extension:

The extension also allows to set the title of the page, add a <base> tag, or external javascript/stylesheet references.