Firefox - the downside ...

Firefox - the downside ...

Mozilla Firefox is really a wonder browser. Im my opinion, by far, the best browser out there!

I really cannot imagine doing web development without a tool like Firefox. It redefined the area, wether you're speaking about layouts, CSS, Javascript, performance or (X)HTML. Ever heard of Web Developer and Firebug add-ons?

However, all this platform extensibility comes with a price - memory consumption! This is usual caused by the sheer amount of add-ons you install, but it is nevertheless a problem.

I came across this small un-harmful and very useful trick - config.trim_on_minimize!

The "config.trim_on_minimize" configuration allows Windows to swap out memory when the program is minimized.

It's not unusual to go from 150MB to 50MB when I minimize it ... now that's helpful!

How to enable it:
1. write "about:config" in the URL input, to enter Firefox's user preferences section.
2. Right-click for new boolean parameter
3. Enter "config.trim_on_minimize" and true.