[FileSystem] Installation Error on Outsystems 10.0.704

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Published on 14 Feb (2 days ago) by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 14 Feb (2 days ago) by Matthias Preuter

When i try to install the application in SevriceStudio10 I obtain the following error

Application cannot be safely installed in your environment
OutSystems Platform dependency analysis has detected that installing this application would impact other applications running in your environment. You may still force the installation of the application at your own risk.
There was an unexpected error.

Hi Sara,

This usually means the new version has some difference (a new or deprecate method, different signature) that will impact modules consuming it. Eventually you could have customised something too.

You can download FileSystem from the forge website and then install that and make your own analysis - compare with previous version and what is being referenced/consumed.