Proper way to update a module from the forge

Hi there,

On our outsystems platform we have a few modules from the forge. Like Discovery and ImageToolbox.
These were downloaded in 2016 en have not been updated since.

What is the proper way to update them to the latest version from the forge?

I tried to go to the forge from within Service Studio and download a new version of ImageToolbox. I then however get an error saying there already is a module with this name in Service Studio.
So what is the proper way to keep your modules up to date?

2nd question, how can you see which version of a module you have currently in your Service Studio?

Hi Paul,

I don't think you can see the "version" of a module installed from Forge.
BUT... If you go to the Forge from withing the Service Studio and go to the application you wants to update, an "Update" button should appear, in case there is a new version.  

Should not be necessary to download it first...

You can have problems if you "changed" the application anyway. In this case, if you try to update, it will warn you. You can "force" the update (or install), but than, any changes made will be lost.

Eduardo Jauch

Ok, so the reason is indeed that the module seems to have been changed (a little bit).
What then happens is that in Service Studio I get a button "Download from forge website".
On the website I get a button to download which leads to a popup screen with a button called "Install in development environment".
If I do that the Service Studio is again opened, and I get the button "Download from forge website". again.

In other words I'm in a loop.

Anyone care to explain on how to upgrade a module if this happens?


Hi Paul,

Use the "blue" button: Agree & Download:

But remember, if you install it in an environment where it was changed, the changes will be lost (in that you will have a new "original" version).

Eduardo Jauch



Just to add an option which you might can use to check this:

What I do to keep track of current versions installed in the environment and versions on the forge: When I've installed a forge application in the environment I tag the same versionnumber in lifetime as it has in the forge. On this way you can always check if you have the latest version. See attached image to make this more clear.

Some components (libaries) I add to a generic application (so we don't have 50 applications just for forge components) and in that case I set the forge version number in the description of the eSpace so I can always check which version we have in the environment compared to which version is there now in the forge.

Still manual, but it does help a lot when updating forge components (since we mostly do that when we upgraded the platform to a newer version).

Kind regards,

Hey Evert,

Those are two good ideas.

It's a pity though that we have to come up with workarounds to manage this   

I think if there is no idea about this, this is a good candidate to it.
To show in the Service Center the application/module versions tagged in the LifeTime, with the "+" when we change it and with the initial TAG set to the Forge version when we install an app from Forge...

This would make version control of apps/modules in the environment much easier, even for those that do not have access to LifeTime.

Eduardo Jauch

Good ideas guys.
I've posted an Idea to have versions shown in Service Studio here: