Refresh all open consumers always disabled

I need a help to figure out how to get the "Refresh all open consumers" button enabled.

I have tried the following:

- open producer module in Service Studio;

- click on "Download all Consumers";

- change the producer module and click "1-Click Publish"

Nothing happens. I have to go to the consumer module, open the "manager depencies", refresh it, and publish it.

I think this is very slow development process. What I'm doing wrong ? A simple logic change (true/false) takes more than 2 minutes to publish and test again :-(


Luciano Guimaraes

Hi Luciano,

This is what it is. if you have any consumers for any particular module and if you have changed the logic which are being consumed, then you need to update the reference or else it will reflect broken reference.

With Smart coding, It is better advisable to lower the frequency of publishing. Make your logic done and then publish, that way the 2 minutes in your case will not bother you :)

Hello Luciano,

Just a question. When you change the producer, are you changing something that eill change its api/interface, that will break the consumers?

If your changes do not break the consumer, the changes are not even visible in "manage dependencies", but a publish will start to use the latest version of the producer.

I would say that the behaviour you are experiencing probably is related with this.

But as I never tried to "Refresh all open consumers", I can't say for sure.


Eduardo Jauch

Hello guys. Thanks for the answers.

Debasis, I agree with you smart coding lowers the frequency of publish. The problems is I find some simple logic error and I have to republish the producer and the consumers modules. This is taken much development time.

Eduardo is right, my point is I change a producer internal logic. It does not break any consumer interfaces, but the new version is not on production until I republish the consumers also.

If there is a way to work around this development cycle it will help really much. I thought some kind of unit test or some kind of runnning producer logic for debugging and publish only when I have sure it is working would help.

Any thoughts ?