Configuring SMTP Servers in Document Management and Workflow

Configuring SMTP Servers in Document Management and Workflow


In the Technical Note for Installing and Configuring Document Management I'm supposed to Configure an SMTP Server to be used for notifications.

What is supposed to be filled in Code?

I have write:
IP Address: <our ip> or localhost or

and when testing, sending mail is not working.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello Nereia,

The Code field is used to identify a specific SMTP server in emailServices application. It is actually irrelevant how you name it unless you intend to better organize your listed SMTP servers. When sending an email, emailServices tries to send it to all available servers in that list, until a successful operation is done.

I think the problem may actually be the IP Address field. You are specifying a localhost address. Does your machine have an SMTP mail server? If not, try to define a valid one.

Hope that helped.


Pedro Gonçalves
Hi Pedro

This machine DOES have a smtp server. In fact, if the email address I write down to test the smtp is from the same server, the test works ok, but if the email address is from a diferent server, like gmail or any other different than our server, it crashes....
Hello again,

Nerea, it seems to me that the symptoms you described translate a networking problem. The application probably can't access the other smtp servers due to proper network configuration or SMTP server authentication... Please try to contact your system administrator to see if this problem can be properly diagnosed.

I'm sorry if I can't help you further.


Pedro Gonçalves
Yes Pedro. Should be that. Thanks for your help anyway.