using a referenced action on user

using a referenced action on user

Hi, I currently am developping an app which needs to access some info from other app.

For that i'm using a "getEmployeeNr" action.

getEmployeeNr(ProjectId) is an action with ProjectId as a text input.

What getEmployeeNr does is query which user is related to projectid.

On the referenced app, i got a test button and the action returns EmployeeNr as expected.

When I use the same action on the other app, i enter as input argument " entityreftexttotext(ProjectId) ", but the output returns "" .....

Is it a problem with accessing the user referenced app table, or what might it be?

Is there any way to reference an external app users table?

I wouldn't want to have an extended user table......I tried also to make a view over ossys_user, but some fields aren't public...Is there any way to make them all public?

Thank you,

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Diogo Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

In version 4.0 each eSpace has specific users and by default you cannot fetch users from other eSpaces. To be able to do it you need to turn on the "Show Tenant Identifier" for the User entity (select the user entity, double click more, and inside the Advanced tab turn on the "Show Tenant Identifier").

In version 4.1 this will be much more simple as you can specify a set of eSpaces that share the same users and sessions.

Hope it helps,
Thank You Lúcio, it surely did the trick....

That upgrade will be nice....because then we shall save many resources...

Best regards,

Diogo Cordeiro