IT Asset Manager Development

IT Asset Manager Development

I really think that IT Asset Manager is a great application, and it being so easy to develop upon I was just surprised that there are not more people posting there variations of IT Asset Manager. I think it would be really great if there could be different branches of development for IT Asset Manager for people with different needs. Or is there already a section like this that I am just not finding.


Hi again Tristan!

Thanks for the great feedback on IT Asset Manager!

I think you're absolutely right, and the one reason people are not posting more is (I think) because IT Asset Manager is a relatively new application. Actually, it only has one month worth of public exposure...

As things progress, I'm confident that people will be posting more and more about their usage and modifications on IAM. I also think that you, as an early adopter, can lead the way by sharing your experiences and posting your mods. You can do this by using the Solutions Support & Suggestions forum.

Actually what would earn you extra style points would be to publish your custom solution in the Community Solutions. Did you know you can actually do that? Just follow the top navigation from Solutions > New Solution.

Also, there are some efforts from people other than the main development group to add features like SNMP. That would be extra nice!

Once again thanks for the feedback and don't forget to come back with any IAM questions you might have.

Has anyone added the functionality to add IT assets manually, so basically have a button the hardware page that says "manually enter asset" and then have the ability to enter basic information like computer make, model, serial, asset number. In a large environment this is essential because sometimes its hard to have IT asset manager capture information from all the computers in the environment.