External table importation - Outsystems Plataform 4.1

External table importation - Outsystems Plataform 4.1

When I try to import given tables of a base, gives the message of the filing-cabinet in annex.
Hi Sonia,

Integration Studio introspects database tables via Service Center. This means that Service Center connects to the database and uses the credentials of the Hub Runtime database user. The Hub Runtime database user is also the user that all applications use to connect to the database.

From the error message you received, it seems that the Hub Runtime user has no permissions in SQL Server to read/write over the Helpdesk database.

To solve the problem, you must grant read permissions to the Hub Runtime user over the Helpdesk database, in SQL Server. If you are using the OutSystems Express Edition, the default Hub Runtime username is OSRuntime. To grant these permissions, log into SQL Server using the SQL Server Management Studio, browse trough the Helpdesk database, right click on it and under the Permissions settings add the OSRuntime user with the desired security settings.

Hope this helps,

Rodrigo Castelo