What's New in OutSystems Platform 4.1

What's New in OutSystems Platform 4.1

I'm very proud to announce that version 4.1 of the OutSystems Platform is on its final testing stages and a Release Candidate version will be made available during this week. This version includes a lot of new and exciting features that you can explore in detail in the attached "What's New" file, some of them already previewed in the OutSystems Express Edition.

During the next weeks the OutSystems Engineering Team will post videos to demonstrate and explain the new features available in this version.

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Hello all!

Today you'll hear about usability improvements in the Service Studio. This new Service Studio version was developed with a special focus on improving the developers' productivity.

As such, Service Studio now has an eSpace-wide undo, many context-sensitive operations accessible through right-click menus, and also supports navigating back and forward to screens and actions you have already been to, just to name a few.

The web editor has also had its share of improvements: dragging and dropping widgets exactly to where you want is now easier, and you can insert widgets and web blocks through the right-click menu! Even the expression editor now has a "complete word" feature, that suggests a word completion based on what you typed.

The video below will demonstrate each and every one of these features. Its length is about 10 minutes.


In the continuing process of improving your productivity and user experience, the OutSystems Platform 4.1 ships with a new tool to handle OutSystems Solution Pack (.osp) files.

This desktop application allows you to publish Solution Pack files right from your desktop computer, hence minimizing your context switching. There’s no need to log-in to Service Center, simply double-click an .osp and the OutSystems Solution Pack Tool will open ready to publish your solution.

Also, you can now extract the contents of a Solution Pack without having to publish the Solution. Using this tool, you can with a couple of clicks extract all the eSpaces and Extensions included in a Solution Pack directly to your file system.

The video below takes less than 5 minutes and shows you in more detail the OutSystems Solution Pack Tool exciting new features.


Today I'll be presenting one of the coolest features of the 4.1 release: Single Sign-On.

Sharing users between a set of eSpaces is now possible. Using Single Sign-On you may greatly simplify the login operation: instead of requiring your users to login individually into each and every one of the eSpaces, they'll just have to do it once.

When sharing users you're also sharing sessions, and all of the hard work is done automatically and transparently by the platform. For instance, you do not have to worry about extending the session duration for each eSpace.

And the best news is that in order to benefit from Single Sign-On you only have to set a couple of properties!

The video below, which takes about 8min, shows how this can be done.


OutSystems Express Edition now includes a sample application - OutSystems IT Asset Manager.

OutSystems IT Asset Manager is a free, easy-to-use IT asset management application that automates the inventory of all your hardware, software, and users, providing notifications for low disk space, offline servers, unlicensed or forbidden applications, and much more. And the biggest advantage is that OutSystems IT Asset Manager is built using OutSystems Express Edition, meaning you can easily customize it to fit your needs.

The video below takes less than 3 minutes and will show you some of the IT Asset Manager features.


I'm going to show you another new feature of version 4.1: selective deployment.

By configuring selective deployment you can split your OutSystems Platform server farm into zones and choose what eSpaces are deployed to which Hub Nodes.
This way you can easily create secure and more efficient farm configurations in your installations.

Check it out in the video below, it takes just 5 minutes.


OutSystems Express Edition now features an integrated installer that will enable you to deploy the OutSystems Platform for enterprise applications in any standard workstation. Support for all versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista has also been added, and generated applications now use the .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0.

OutSystems Service Center, OutSystems Service Studio, and OutSystems Integration Studio are all installed in a single step. Optionally you can also install OutSystems IT Asset Manager, an application built using OutSystems Express Edition that can be used to manage all your network assets. The setup program will also download and install any required third-party software, like a database server or a web server.

The video below takes less than 2 minutes (the video was edited, real installation time will be longer) and will show you the OutSystems Platform Installer.