Word Document Manipulation

I have a word document, which contains a template of some pre-defined sentences(May vary in order and content). These sentences contain incomplete information such as Name, Date of Birth, age, gender etc which need to be filled out. I want to know the possibility on outsystems platform, which will extract the necessary information from the incomplete word document and create a dynamic UI for the user to enter these required details in a mobile application, from which I can take back that data and fill out the word document and generate a document which has complete information. 

Hello Bhargav,

I don't know if you're familiarized with Outsystems platform, however it seems to me that you want to develop a simple form where the user fill the data you need to complete your template.

After it you just have to store that data and use it on the template. To generate a document you have some ways to do that, one for instance is to generate a PDF with the Html2PdfConverter and then have the possibility to download it.

Is that close for what you want?

Best Regards

Hi Paulo,

I am new to this platform and getting training on the same. Could you Please tell me if we can get the form from that incomplete word document? If Yes, What is the way to do it?

Yes you can. 

There's a couple of ways to do it. For instance, as I said in the last answer, you can develop a simple form, store the data of this form. Go to the template page, fetch the data of the referred form and insert it in the right "empty fields". Or you can simply make the user fill this "empty fields" directly on the page.

I recommend you to do the classes available in order to get some more experience in "how to do this... how to do that..." with Outsystems. There are really good training material: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/

Best Regards