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I'm using calendar widget but since it is english, it seems a little bit strange using it in a solution that is in portuguese.

Is there a way of a changing the days, months, etc to Portuguese?

The same happens to ListNavigation Widget, in which the "previous" and "next" links should be also in portuguese.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ana,

If the calendar widget you're using is the one from Widget Library, you can set the locale through the SetCurrentLocale built-in action (use Locale = "pt-PT", for Portuguese).

You don't need to invoke SetCurrentLocale every time you're using the calendar. One time per session is enough. You can do it, for instance, in the OnSessionStart system action (Insert > System actions > On SessionStart, if you don't have it already on your eSpace).

Paulo Ramos

I´ve done what you told me but I get the following bug in diferent places.


Object expected: WidgetLibrary_SetDefaultInput_bootstrap('wtUserNameInput');

Object expected: document.write(WidgetLibrary_Help_truncateText('This is just a sample, but insert relevant help data here, so the user will know what is the user looking at, and how to use the filters.', 50) + '...');

And the Calender turns to undefined...

Can you tell what I'm I doing wrong?

I forgot telling you that I'm using the Outsystems StyleGuide example for developing this application.

Hi Ana,

For multi-language support in the calendar, please use the CalendarWidget available in the Solutions: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/projectdetail.aspx?ProjectId=65 (check the Try It Now sample, near the bottom).

I'm not sure about those errors, although they are related to Help and SetDefaultInput web blocks... please check for errors on client-side scripts you may be using.
The calendar widget included in WidgetLibrary40 also has multi-language support. It includes translations in Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Please use that one instead.
I did a test with Express Edition ( and experienced the same symptoms as Ana described. Changing the locale will trigger javascript errors and the calendar will not function anymore.

I believe the problem is not related with Express Edition itself, but with current version of WidgetLibrary40 (also included in StyleGuide). After extracting and examining the resources, I could not find any translations for the calendar.

When performing the same test on Hub Edition, no javascript errors occur, but changing the locale has no effect (it's always shown in English).

I'll forward this information to Engineering. In the meanwhile, the stand-alone version of the calendar, available in the Solutions, is a workaround for achieving multi-language support.

Paulo Ramos
WidgetLibrary 1.2.0 had some resources missing.

Version 1.2.1 has the MultiLanguage support fixed. It includes translations in Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian and German for Calendar, ListNavigation and BulkSelect. Version 1.2.2 of StyleGuide and 2.1.4 of EnterpriseManager also include this fix.

Gustavo Guerra

I'm using Widget Library 1.2.1 and I'm still getting errors. Try the example in the attachment.
When you use any web block from the WidgetLibrary in an eSpace, you have to copy the part of the CSS between "WidgetLibrary eSpace Styles Start" and "WidgetLibrary eSpace Styles End" from the WidgetLibary40 eSpace to the consumer eSpace.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Other than that, it seems that there's some other problem related with the platform multilanguage support. Please submit it to support.
Hi Gustavo,

I forgot to copy the part of the CSS between "WidgetLibrary eSpace Styles Start" and "WidgetLibrary eSpace Styles End".I've already copied those lines. Thanks.

But the runtime error I'm getting is showned in the attachment, and I think it means that the calendar has not been recognized to be initialized. And I'm getting it whether I change CurrentLocale or not. The CSS only changes the calendar look and feel... The runtime error still exists...

By the way, I couldn't find Version 1.2.2 of StyleGuide... Where can I find it?

Thanks for your help.

WidgetLibrary 1.2.1, StyleGuide 1.2.2 and EnterpriseManager 2.1.4 have been withdrawn from the solutions site, because a performance problem has been found when compiling that version of the WidgetLibrary40 eSpace. When that is fixed, they will be published again.

Regarding the error you're experiencing, it has also been already reported, and is beeing worked on.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Both problems have been solved in revisions and

WidgetLibrary 1.2.1, StyleGuide 1.2.2 and EnterpriseManager 2.1.4 were released again.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Hi , I recently upgraded our production server from to and only on a specific eSpace, the calendar seems to have disappeared. It seems to work on other apps...

Afterwards i upgraded to widgetlibrary v4.1.2 and am still getting the same error....

People can't introduce date values now....It gives me a script warning on the page (at the bottom left of IE 7) , saying Calendar is undefined.

What can I do??

Best regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Attach an .osp with that eSpace and its dependencies and I'll give it a look.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
could you give me your email at outsystems so i can send the osp?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

I inserted the SetCurrentLocale action in the onsesisonstart screen with value "pt-PT". Bu it didn't do a thing.

Shouldn´t it change the widgetLibrary widgets language to portuguese?

Thank's in advance,

Francisco Neto
Hi Francisco,

Open your WidgetLibrary eSpace and check the Multilingual Locales in the eSpace properties. If you find there something like pt,es,nl etc. then your eSpace has the resources for multilingual if not post back here so that someone can guide you on fixing that problem.
Yes, it's there... what can it be?