Integration Studio - Problem with import of foreign entities

Integration Studio - Problem with import of foreign entities

Dear all,

I need to have access to a foreign Oracle database. For that I created a database link from the Outsystems Oracle db to that foreign db.

Then I've made with Integration Studio an import of the tables I want from that db but I'm receiving warnings likes the one bellow after compiling in integration studio:

'SAWADMIN."RTL_BILLING_FACT"@RTLDW_DBLINK' is an invalid table name in Oracle.

I can publish it but when I tried to do a simple query it gave me the error:

"ORA-000942: table or view doesn't exist"

I think it has to do with the warning it gave me in Integration Studio but I'm a little lost.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance
Pedro Alcântara
Hi Pedro,

Some issues with oracle dblinks that resemble your problem have been fixed in the latest 4.0 revisions, namely, Which version of the OutSystems Platform are you using?

If you can't upgrade your server or you are in fact already using version, then try removing the quotations marks from the 'Physical Table Name' property of the Entities in your Extension:
  • Open the Extension with Integration Studio
  • Double click the entity RTL_BILLING_FACT (I'm guessing it's name given the warning in your post...)
  • In the opened Entity tab, remove the quotations marks in the 'Physical Table Name' property, changing SAWADMIN."RTL_BILLING_FACT"@RTLDW_DBLINK to SAWADMIN.RTL_BILLING_FACT@RTLDW_DBLINK

Hope this helps,

Rodrigo Castelo
Hi Rodrigo,

It worked perfectly without the quotation marks.

Thank you very much for your help.

Pedro Alcântara