Struggling with Amazon Rek extension compile error

Hi - I have nearly finished my Amazon Rekognition extension, but keep getting an error when compiling in integration studio. I'm new to c# but learning fast. I have declared an output parameter of string, but when I import the .net assembly it adds an extra parameter called This_CssAmazonRek and this appears to be screwing it up. My error is 

AmazonRek.cs(34,65): error CS7036: There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'ssssOutput' of 'CssAmazonRek.MssGetRekTags(object, string, string, string, RCAmazonTokenRecord, out string)'

If I remove the parameter I get a different error saying This_CssAmazonRek does not exist in the current context. VS2017 Community, .NET 4.6.1, IS 10.0.702

I'm really stuck, and have attached my .XIF


Hi Andrew,

I've cleaned up your code. 

The ss prefix is added by OutSystems in the code for every parameter. There is no need for you to add this to the parameters.

An extension generates a DLL, which is used internally. You should just reference to the action from an eSpace. You imported the DLL that was generated back into the extension, creating a reference to itself, but the action it referrred to was deleted.... This was your main problem. 

To get you up-and-running, you should add the code that connects to AWS rekognition and create the functionality in your action with what you want it to do. (face recognition, comparing or other photo functionality).


Many thanks for your help,  I've managed to get it working now and my extension has a method to see if a label exists within an image called TagExists. The only problem I'm getting now is to do with a permissions issue when calling the function as it says something about the IAM role does not have permission to call the function rekognition:DetectLabels

I'll look at this later today. Once again - thanks for your help.