Working faster using keyboard and mouse shortcuts

Hi All,

EDIT: You can find the list of shortcuts in the documentation.

Here's the list of shortcuts I use to work faster while developing applications using OutSystems Service Studio.

Web Screens / Actions
Ctrl-Alt-Left Arrow - Back to previous screen or action
Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow - Forward to next screen or action

eSpace Tree
Ctrl-K - Synchronize eSpace Tree
F12 - Find Usages

Ctrl-Shift-Click - Select all elements after this one

Expression Editor
Ctrl-Click (on any part of an expression) - synchronize with scope tree
Ctrl-Space - autocomplete expression (ex: type nulli -> Ctrl-Space -> NullIdentifier(), I love this one)

Web Screens
Ctrl-Click - To select multiple elements
Shift-Click - To select sequential elements
Right-Click->Insert Widget - To add a widget

Web Screen Tables
Right-Click->Table... - Add/Remove/Move Columns or Rows

F8 - Add Breakpoint
F9 - Continue
F10 - Step Over
F11 - Step Into
Shift-F11 - Step Out

F6 - Run
F5 - 1-Click Publishing
Crtl-G - Go To...

Tiago Simões
Some more...

Compare and Merge Dialog
F7 - Select previous difference
F8 - Select next difference

Ctrl + - Zoom In
Ctrl - - Zoom Out
Ctrl 0 - 100% Zoom

Attributes / Parameters / Local Variables / Query Conditions / Order Bys / Assignments / Extended Properties, etc...
Ctrl Up - Move Up
Ctrl Down - Move Down

Ctrl E - Entity Diagram
Ctrl H - Hide Warning
Another one I use:

Web Screens
Shift+F10 or <windows context menu key> (same as mouse-right-click) - To launch the "context menu", and then select "insert widget".

Sometimes on a web screen it's easier to position the cursor using the cursor keys (up, down, left, right) and then launching the context menu using the keyboard than using the mouse to position the cursor and then right-clicking.

Advanced Queries

CTRL + Left Click and Drag an Entity to advanced query editor : Write down automatically all attributes of a table - usually to remove some of them afterward

Note that the ctrl+drag in advanced queries only works until 4.2.
Hmmm, you should then update Service Studio Help for 5.1 on the Advanced Logic Canvas section, although it would be nice to have that feature....
The topic has been updated and you may check it out here.
Thanks for your heads-up!

Jaime Vasconcelos
From Service Studio version onwards, after doing a find (Ctrl-F), it is also possible to use Ctrl-R  to do a Replace All.
Refactoring just got faster.

Tiago Simões
In an advanced query, SHIFT + Enter or ESC will close the editor.
Would be so grateful for the updated info about shortcuts in SS 9.0; are there any additions? It's sooo needed thing, the shortcuts covering major ops (say, VS is due to extensive amount of those is one of tools of choise for many)
Hi Vladimir,

Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 to switch between Processes, Interface, Logic and Data. 

Tiago Simões
Hi all,

You can find the list of shortcuts in the documentation.
Great addition André!
I already see new shortcuts to me, that will become regulars.


Is there a shortcut to 'Open in Browser' after you've published? I'd like to press F5, F?. From what I can see, you have to click the blue circle 'Open in Browser'. Thanks :)

Hi Nick,

At the moment there's no shortcut key for "Open in Browser". However, you can always submit an idea asking for that shortcut. :)


Hi everyone! 

I was reading this and noticed that no one wrote my favorite shortcut of all.

when in an expression editor, you can just write the initials for the camel case of a server action, and after pressing ctrl + space it gets that action.


write "gui" and press CTRL+SPACE = GetUserId()

write "dttd" and press CTRL+SPACE = DateTimeToDate()

PS: this works for any server action, if it's name is in CamelCase :)

I recently requested Outsystems shortcuts be added to CheatKeys. It's a handy app I use to remind myself of all sorts of shortcuts. You might like to check it out -