[Event System] EventLesson01.oml exception

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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes

The following exception is being thrown when running the first lession and clicking on the "Add to cart" button:

Method 'Log' in type 'OutSystems.NssEventSystem.Events.SideEffects.ScreenLoggerInterceptor' from assembly 'OutSystems.NssEventSystem, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation.

This is reproducible directly from the EventLesson01.oml download.

Note the demo page for this lesson has no products in the database thus the "Add to cart" button is not displayed.

OutSystems version is 10.0.704.0

Hi Erik.

Thanks for the report, I will have a look at it. This is probably related to the new release (704), because Event System uses internal APIs that could have changed.

I know about the lack of products in the demo. Unfortunately I have too many things going on, so the demo environment is currently at the bottom of my backlog. But you should be able to download the lesson, publish it (once I fix this error), and populate the tables with products to try it out.

Hello Erik.

Did you happen to upgrade from 9.1 to version 10? Because, if so, then you just need to publish a newer version of the Event System, that supports OutSystems 10.

I was just checking the error that you've got, and could not reproduce it with the latest Event System (currently on 10.0.5). And the error mentions a class ScreenLoggerInterceptor, that was removed from the latest versions.