Version of service studio ( is incompability with hub server (

I've this problem when I try to do the 1st tutorial sample.

How can I solve it?

Hi Francisco,

First of all, welcome to our community.

It seems that you're trying to publish to our online development which is version using the service studio that you installed with the express edition. These versions are incompatible. You have a couple solutions to your problem:

1st - If you installed the express edition then you should publish your work to your localhost instead of the OutSystems online development machine
2nd - If you installed the express edition but want to follow the tutorial publishing to our server you'll need to download Service Studio for version 4.0. You'll find the latest version here. You can have more than one version of service studio installed, meaning that you can keep version and install this one. What you'll have to take into consideration is, obviously, not installing the service studio in the same directory, and be careful regarding what version you use to publish to what server. One good hint is not to open the eSpace oml files by double-clicking them (the oml will be opened by the latest Service Studio installed).

I recommend you to follow the 1st option :)

Hope this helps and that you have fun using our platform.
I try 1º option and its work.
Francisco Bolas