[FullCalendar 2] defaultDate format

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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe
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Published on 29 Mar by Daniel Filipe


Is there any workaround to fix the defaultDate format. My outsystems configuration is set to use "DD-MM-YYYY" and whenever I load the calendar the default date is not correctly displayed.

I've seen a couple of workarounds that involve change the FullCalendarWebBlock but I think this isn't the best solution since it could brings future issues when we upgrade the component.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Nuno,

We have two ways to set a default date format in calendar. You can set from service center or you can set from calendar property.

If this is not your problem then please give the details so we can help you with screenshot.\


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Rajat,

Our configuration doesn't allow us to change the service center setup since it would have impact on other apps.

How can I do it through the calendar property?

Looking forward,


Nuno - it is quite the problem with fullCalendar as it uses Moment objects.

I suggest you use the date formats supported by the Moment object, instead.
Otherwise you will keep getting issues, e.g. you set default date 12th but calendar shows 11th or 13th.