[XML Records] New style structure types - doesn't work?

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Published on 11 Jan by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 11 Jan by Afonso Carvalho

I've had a working example with Recod Lists, then converted it to a version with "new style" Lists. However, I get an exception with the text "The current node (tickets) does not match the record definition (cket)". It seems that the extension tries to strip the "ss" prefix from an attribute that doesn't have them, with erroneous results.


New structures are supposed to work (code added by João Rosado a couple of releases ago). Don't think that lists are included, though ^^

Are you using the latest release of XML Records?


Good question, I assumed I was, but I'll double check.

Oops, my assumption was wrong, on this particular environment we still had an old version. I will upgrade and test again (this time with success, no doubt).

Yup, works like a charm. Sorry for the confusion.

psst mark the solution

Damn J., how dare you catch me like that :).