Problem with Charset in Richmail emails

Dear all,

I have a problem with euro currency symbol when using it in emails.

I already tried to change the Charset parameter to "Unicode"; "UTF-8"; "ISO10646"; "ISO8859-3" (the last two gave error) but nothing seems to work. In the place of euro appears an interrogation symbol ("?").

Can you help me?
Pedro Alcântara
Hi Pedro,

Have you tried using or inside an expression with 'Escape Content' = No?

See also:

Paulo Ramos
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your answer.

That way it works, and it surely works as a workaround, but I would like to have a more simple way.

The thing is, I have to send in an email a webscreen full of expressions with text written by users, and with this solution I have to replace in all texts a possible euro symbol.

But thanks anyway, if there aren't other way I will surely use it.
Pedro Alcântara
I've tried the charset "iso-8859-15" and it works. Is this charset ok, to you ?
Fernando Matos
Hi Fernando,

It worked perfectly.

Thank you very much
Pedro Alcântara