Hi everyone,

I am trying to draw a square/select a section in my graph (see attached image). Is there a way to do something like that or similar? (e.g: By providing the X and Y coordinates)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ricardo,

Charts are underlying Highcharts, so everything possible with Highcharts is ultimately possible with the chart component. I've never seen something like what you want, but you might be able to do something with the freeform drawing capabilities.



in the end it's just a canvas so you should be able t do something like this.

however, I suggest to take a look at "plotbands" perhaps that will cover your need.

-> https://www.highcharts.com/docs/chart-concepts/plot-bands-and-plot-lines


@ Kilian,

Thanks for the suggestion, however I am going with J.'s suggestions as it seems like the most straight forward approach (at least to me).

@ J.,

Thanks a lot, that did the trick, well sort of...the top line of the graph is missing (see attachment). Any idea why?

nope, perhaps an overflow issue..

I discovered the root cause: the 'Z' (Closepath) is missing. Don't know why though. Either case, seeing that I was able to draw part of my square I am going to mark your answer as the solution as it might help someone else in the future. 

Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback and the mark-as-solution Ricardo!