WordMerge with dynamic image

WordMerge with dynamic image


Has anyone ever had the need to insert a dynamic image on a Word document?
Can I do it using the WordMerge extension or do I have to modify it?
Any ideas?
Ana Rita Santos
Hi Ana,

Check this link...


The image merge fields seem to point to external paths (not database objects). If you can manage to have files available on the file system before starting the merge process... maybe this could work without having to change the extension...

This is just a very quick analysis... please check it carefully.


Duarte Gouveia
You can also use url's in stead of a filesystem-path.

filesystem-path image-include:
{ INCLUDEPICTURE "E:\\Temp\\{Mergefield FirstName}{Mergefield LastName}.jpg" }

URL image-include:
{ INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.yoururl.com/image.jpg" }

When you combine those two, you can also use dynamic images.
Upload all the pictures in an table.
Create one page that shows an image based on the unique ID of the images.

Dynamic image-include:
{ INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.yoururl.com/showImage.aspx?ImageId={ MERGEFIELD imageid \* MERGEFORMAT}" \d }

The \d option is needed to dynamically load the picture when the word-document is opened, otherwise it doesn't work.

Thank you both for your help!
My WordMerge is finally showing images.
The only trouble I had was because I was giving the URL for the html/aspx page, and for INCLUDEIMAGE in MailMerge to work, the specified URL must point to an image document, not to a html/aspx page.

Thanks again!