No Circle When Processing - Popup

HI there,

In Development environment, i create a pop-up screen, and when it is in saving process, the circle icon appears. Unfortunately, in UAT environment the circle icon that show it is saving does not come up so user can click save button many times and the same record saved can be many, although i want only only.

The UAT has less memory than the Development, does this cause the problem? As, in the OS learning course, it does not teach how to disable the button (as it has circle), so i think it is best practise not to disable the button. Is it correct?

So, for my situation, what is best practise to tell to my client? add more resource as OS needs much resource?... make the button disable? How to do it? or else?

Thank you in advance.



Can you provide a screenshot? I can't really see what you're describing... Thanks!

I mean something like this does not show up:

so, the user cannot know whether it is silent or processing.



Well, that functionality (showing a "content loading" message) is to account for slow connectivity... if you want to guarantee the user cannot click buttons etc, you will have to disable them like you are suggesting. But you will likely have to resort to Javascript to disable it before the request starts getting processed.