Hello All,

I have drop down having some values under special list. When i do inspect element that time i seen weird value like this "__ossli_0" . Please find screenshot for more reference. 


Hitesh Maran

What is the real issue here? What exactly are you having troubles with?

I think this is normal behaviour for the special list. I don't know why exactly these values are set like this but in my application the values I set for the special list behave the same. The normal variables that I retrieve from the source entity have their actual values displayed in inspect element. 

I believe that regardless from what inspect element shows the original values inserted in the special list are used.

Hi Hitesh,

When using the special List, OutSystems will generate values like the ones that you show on the screenshot (that is normal). But you don't have to deal with that (unless you really want too), since the platform will return the values like you entered them when using them inside the platform.

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João Nobre

Thanks for reply. 

I have a scenario where i have to save the value to my  database through json. I have inputbox and dropdown, I have enter some value to inputbox and keep dropdown value is blank while submitting enrty through json to my database dropdown value get save like this " __ossli_0".Problem are when i download this into Excel i am getting this value "__ossli_0" which should not.

Hi Hitesh,

How are you generating the json?

Directly from javascript? 


Eduardo Jauch

Hello Eduardo,

Yes through javascript. See the screenshot below. When nothing is selected in DataMonth it shows Select Month but when i download value comes "__ossli_0". Some null value get downloaded.  



Hi Hitesh,

Then you will have a problem, as you are dealing with the HTML, that is not a clean representation of what you see in the screen or the values you deal server side.

To deal with the HTML you will have to parse things and not everything will be understandable or even accessible.

So, the main question is: why are you generating a json from the html to save to database and late export to excel?


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo,

This is our project requirement, We have Json generated templates. It's configurable from front end and you can give any value. Problem is if i do not select any value from Data Month dropdown and click save then null value get save in database. Again if i fetch that value from database it appear correct in Front End but when i download it, It appear weird.