DateTime_PrettyFormat (mobile)

can i still use DateTime_PrettyFormat in outsystems mobile ? 



As a workaround, you can create a web application + module, make server actions to encapsulate DateTime_PrettyFormat and set Public property to Yes.

In your mobile apps, manage dependency to include that server actions.

Warning, every calls to this action will connect to server.

Better yet, make your own Date_PrettyFormat client action.


Hi robby

If it is available, yes :)

If I record well, sometimes you need to create a server action of your own to call a server action of an extension, for example... (but not sure here).

Are you experiencing any kind of problem when using it?


Eduardo Jauch


It seems Harlin solved the question about having to encapsulate the call to server actions ;)

thanks for your answers guys :)

Just for the future...

The original server side functions are available in the RichWidgets modules.

It is possible to copy them and just paste as Client Actions is a mobile application.

No changes needed.



robby duta wrote:

thanks for your answers guys :)