Table/List Records inside List Records?

Table/List Records inside List Records?

Hi, I would like to have an embedded table records in a list records, since I would like to generate some letters, following a template and corresponding data...

If you have any other suggestion, i would appreciate it..

Best regards
A workaround would be to use an Expression with the Escape Content property set to No. Inside this expression you would put an html iframe tag that would call another webscreen in your eSpace. Something like this:
"<IFRAME src='templatepage.aspx?paramer=" + TableRecords1.List.Current.Entity.Id + "'/>"

Hope this helps,
Tiago Simões

Actually that idea crossed my mind, but was a little afraid in what matters the size of the table...

My idea, currently on work, is probably a little more rustic, but i believe it works, which is to add several expressions, in which one of them i have a text with all column data...

Don't know if i passed the idea, but if that doesn't work, than i should try the iframe.

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I have tried the iframe solution but didn't go anywhere with it...imagine this format:


Putting an iframe there, with a tablerecords in it, instead of repeating the above sequence as many times as needed, it just repeated the screen inside the frame in that middle area....

Hi Diogo,

When I meant an IFrame, this IFrame would have to call a different page that would act as a "kind" of web block.

Probably I did not quite understand what you are looking for...

If you want to attach a small sample oml I can take a look into it.

Here goes my oml....The Invoices webscreen is the one with the table records...

Any how, the way i managed to do this seems to format it correctly.

The problem now is printing....How can i put a page break after the end of each letter ?

I tried some stuff, but can't manage to put a page break at the end...

Do you have any suggestion??
Hi Diogo,

You may use CSS for creating a page break for printing. Add this to an unescaped expression:

"<p style='page-break-before: always'></ p>"

[Remove the space between '/' and 'p' - I left them separated, otherwise the forum would filter the tag. :) ]

Paulo Ramos
Thank you, it did the trick..I was placing that code (with a sligth difference) in other webscreen by mistake :-S.

Anyway, my solution seems nice, but it would be nicer, since these are letters , to manage to have a table with division between lines.... Is there anyway for that iframe to work correctly?

Best regards