Printing from a Screen...

Printing from a Screen...

Hi, I am currently trying to print some letters following a template.

What i managed to do is repeat the letter as many times I wish, by using a list records.

The problem that appears now is printing this info, since this are letters, they must be separated at the end of each entry in list records... Is there any way to add an internet explorer pagebreak in my screen?

I'm currently looking for solutions like placing in an expression the code "<div style=""page-break-after: always""> " or "<p style=""page-break-after: always""> ", but when i print preview the page, this seems to have no effect.... Is it only on print preview?

Best regards,

Diogo CS Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

Check if you are generating the page break inside a table cell. That may be the cause for having no effect.

In this case, the behavior can also be different between browsers. The example in attach shows an example of a page break inside a table. It will work on IE7, but fail on Firefox 2.

Paulo Ramos