Export oml to .aspx project


How can I export a oml file to a .aspx project?

Pedro Ventura
Hi Pedro,

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Answering your question, the OutSystems Platform provides such functionality on a self service basis so that customers may be assured they don't get locked to OutSystems.

In Service Center, you have the ability to download the .NET or J2EE source code of your eSpaces but such feature is not available by default.

To enable the "Download Source" feature in your Service Center, please contact your OutSystems’ Account Manager or Reseller.


Rodrigo Castelo
Hi Rodrigo,

Is it not possible for me to export it to visual studio 2013(latest version).  My intention is to see how complex/simple/how it organized after exporting to .NET code.

Does that include all code comments etc to the .net code.

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Hi Nadeera,

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For evaluation purposes you can follow the procedures described on this technical note