[Featured] Support Portal Improvements - Case creation

Hi Community!

Great news! It is now possible to open any kind of issue in the Support Portal. Customers can now get assistance with pricing, subscription model, licenses, training or even just tell us how awesome we are. :) Go ahead and take a look! 

To log a case:

1)    Log in to outsystems.com

2)    Select Support  (upper right corner)

3)    Select Manage Cases

4)    Select Create Case   

5)    Complete the required information and select Submit.

All relevant information on your case will be captured, allowing us to respond more efficiently and resolve your issues more quickly. 

Although you can still submit cases by phone or email, we encourage you to use the Support Portal. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately. 

Let us know if you have any questions or comments on this change. Your input is critical in helping us provide you with the best support experience possible.

Thank you,

Ana Sequeira