Bubble Tooltip Widget

Bubble Tooltip Widget

Sometimes you'll want to provide extra information to the user (for example, on a link), and a simple way of doing it is using tooltips. Usually, this only requires adding a "title" extended property to the link.

But if the text is longer than just a few words, you'll experience a few problems. Depending on the browser, the tooltip may be cut; and after a few seconds the tooltip disappears anyway, so the user may have not enough time to read it.

There are several solutions for this, and many of them use existing "title" attributes right away. The attached eSpace includes a web block with a modified version of the BubbleTooltips script (found at web-graphics.com).

- Publish BubbleTooltip.oml (attached).
- Reference BubbleTooltipWidget web block from your consumer eSpace.
- Drag & drop the referenced web block into your screen. It will use existing title attributes in runtime.

A sample can be found here.

The original version can be found here.

Paulo Ramos
Nicely done; works great. But for some reason, it throws an error - "File does not exist." Error shows up in Service Center.