How to hold a value in a table record when leaving the screen

Dear all,

I have a table records with input fields in each line.

When I call an action to validate the data entered and after I return to the screen, the data in the input fields of the table records are not there anymore.

After debug I noticed that at the time I'm inside the action, there are no values in the table records widget fields that corresponds to the input fields.

Can you help me find a way to keep the values or the best workaround you have for this situation.

Thanks in advance
Pedro Alcântara
normally in that case i keep the record as an input parameter

works just fine and is very useful so in case of a failure the user don't have to input every value again
i then use the table records source record as the record itself. it most of the time.

if you are doing a query or something like it make sore they don't overwrite the record on the preparation of the screen

edit part 2:
make sure i you don't forget when going back to the screen to pass the values from the tablerecord itself as the input parameter

this are normally the problems i have and most of the things i forget when doing so
Thanks for your answer Miguel, but my problem involves an entire record list inside the table records and not just one record, and I can't pass it as an input parameter to a screen action.
I've finally found a solution:

- I created a screen local variable of record list type.
- I do the query to get the data
- In the screen preparation, if the screen is loading I equalize my local variable to the query result
- in the table records I use the local var
- when I call the screen action to do the validations, the first thing I do is to equalize the local var to the TableRecords.List

For my case this solution works, nevertheless if there are someone with a more robust solution I appreciate the share
Hi, I believe you could also have an input parameter of type record list, and instead of ending your screen action with an "end" you could direct it to the same screen with TableRecords.List as the corresponding input....

But your way might be the best one in this case....since record list aren't advisable to go in as input parameters, although i don't quite know why...

Best Regards,

Diogo CS Cordeiro