introduction & treeview

introduction & treeview


some years ago I was a developer working with a case tool. These days I'm working as a (business) analyst. I would like to do some developing again but have little or no experience with webdevelopment so please bear with me. I'm very impressed with OS so far.
Anyway, for the project I have in mind I would like to use a treeview. Should I use jstree (where can I find it?), should I wait for the AJAX-version or should I do something completely different?
Thanks in advance
Hi Marnix,

First of all welcome to the community and thank you for your comments on the OutSystems Platform.
As for a tree, I'm attaching an oml with an example tree.

Things to look for in this eSpace:
- The eSpace JavaScript where I have copied some tree JavaScript I have found on the web;
- The stylesheet where I have put some special styles required for the tree;
- Images used for the tree to work;
- The Expression widget on the screen with Escape Content property set to false where I have put some initializing instructions in javascript;

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask if you need more help.

Tiago Simoes

Adding to what Tiago said, you may also check this topic:

for an alternative way of building a tree. The main difference is that it contains a web block receiving a RecordList with your data, so it may be more suitable for dynamic content.

On the other hand, I think the client-side script used by the sample Tiago provided is a bit more flexible.
Feel free to use and make changes to any of the samples.

Also, don't forget to check the Samples and How To's and Solutions for a lot of useful information and components.

Paulo Ramos
Tiago and Paulo, thanks a lot. The service is also outstanding.
Both solutions work like a charm, but I think I´ll continue with the second one because my list has to be filled with database content and it looks great too!