[CameraPreview Plugin] How to increase the resolution of the picture taken?

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Published on 14 Aug by Hugo 
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Published on 14 Aug by Hugo 


I am using this plugin in my application and all the features are working without any issue. But when I take the pictures using this plugin, the resolution of the picture returned (in base64) is very low (i.e. blurry picture). I was trying to increase the resolution by passing the 'MaxWidth' and 'MaxHeight' parameters of 'TakePicture' JS node in TakePicture() action. But it is not increasing the resolution of the photo.

I can see in the description that this plugin is available only in iOS but its working on Android (with native app). But the resolution issue as mentioned above. Is this issue related to Android only? Or is it the same issue with iOS too?



New version of the component, now has an input parameter that allows you to set the picture quality (default is 85).

Component now works on Androids.

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