Run mode similar to several eSpaces?

Run mode similar to several eSpaces?

Hi, imagine i've got two eSpaces connected (I use a link, actually an iframe)...

How can i begin run mode in one of them and break on a breakpoint in the other one?

I am still using audits for now, but it's not that practical

Best regards,

Diogo CS Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

If I understood, you need to debug the eSpace referenced through an iframe. When building the iframe expression, try including your PTA in the URL. You can use AddPersonalAreaToURLPath() built-in function for that.

Paulo Ramos
Im doing that also but i cant make it worked.Im using AddPersonalAreaToURLPath() on iframe src of espace 1 and i run debug on espace 2 with breakpoints but dont stop

Are you using : Menu espace-> Select Entry Espace functionality ?

yes i am on espace that contains the iframe
Please note the following.
Having an Iframe pointing to Espace A, you should debug espace A. The fact that you have the Iframe in other espace does not have influence,  If the url that is on the Iframe is indeed the pta one, you should be able to debug.
My previous reply might have confuse you, and I'm sorry for it, I was thinking on a Producer/consumer scenario and this is not the case.

Can i talk to you in msn with portuguese language?
The fact that the Iframe of Espace A is on espace B is irrelevant. You'll have to debug espace A (try instead of the iframe pass the url in the browser).
The select espace Entry is to debug referenced actions (public actions) that are called via other espaces, and should not be used in this case.
If the url passed in the iframe is the private area one, that is enought for debug.

If you can't debug at all in any espace then your problem is of other nature. Do the Hello world debugging  test (create dummy app just to see if its working).