In Service Center under Monitoring Tab we have Integrations Sub-Item, which show us all the requests Made/Consumed from REST, SOAP and etc.

I wonder if there is any way to track which logged user made that request.

Anyone knows how?

I realize also that there is a Request Key when we export the list to excel.

Hi Raphael,

REST/SOAP and etc. don't necessarily have a user associated with their invocation, they can be called from a timer, for instance. As for exposed web services... they're not called by any user either.

When consuming a REST web service you could configure the On Before Request/On After Response properties to call actions that log what's the current session user, for instance. Using the same concept, when you're exposing a REST web service you could configure the On Request/On Response properties to call actions that would log info about any authentication credentials being passed to the web service method...

That being said, can you explain why you need this? What use case requires you to know what user is logged in when a certain web service is invoked?

Hello Jorge,

I'm aware that not all calls have an User Logged. I would like to know if is possible for the cases that has Users.

I thought that we could track the session through the RequestKey that comes from excel file.

All access generate sessions even the ones that do not have logged users.

And sessions can be associate from an User, right?

I would like to do this without having to insert or log, myself.

The case would be to track who did the call...