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I am new to this forum and trying to use Asset Manager. In this app I can see an export to excel. The sheet is generated but i need to add a number of columns.

How to proceed
Hi Ad,

First of all welcome to the forums and I hope you have a good time using the OutSystems Platform!

Here is a rough explanation on how to add more columns to the excel file:
1 - login into your OutSystems Service Center http://localhost/servicecenter (default user is admin/admin)
2 - go to the AssetManager eSpace (Factory->eSpaces)
3 - download the latest version
4 - open the file in OutSystems Service Studio
5 - locate the screen you want to export the data (eg. Software, Hardware)
6 - open the screen preparation in the eSpace Tree
7 - modify the ExcelToRecordList action to show more columns
8 - click the 1-Click-Publish button on the toolbar to publish it back to your server

If you are new to the OutSystems Platform I would also suggest you to see these videos on how to change IT Asset Manager

and follow the online tutorial

Tiago Simões