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I am day dreaming whether there are cookbooks on Ousystems - Javascript OS Cookbook, Google Map OS Cookbook, etc- as my concerns that:

- i -as developer - waste so much time just to trial and errors to check whether a technique is working or not,  either from forum reply, learning course - need to watch video -, forge, and other technical sources channel.

- other team  -adminitrator- are also hard to find document on setting environment, tuning, etc.

- the spectrum of the technology is also so wide that it.may takes years to master - web and mobile...

I can easily find all the books on other technology, say it Oracle. And i believe that finally the focus is in delivering the technology to business needs.. so by providing cookbooks.. i believe it will speed up our learning process on Outsystems frameworks.

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I fully agree with A (???). I think a cookbook could be a help to every developer. But said that ! Did you consult the FAOs?


I disagree.

the cookbook is already there in the form of courses, the faqs, the forge-components and the forums.

Not sure what the cookbook would add to that?

and what Alberto says, the https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation will be your main source of information regarding best practices and development faqs



Just my 2 cents.

In general, I'll agree with J.
For day-to-day use, its much easier to search in the net (personally I use google and let him take me to the correct place). 

But I see the documentation somewhat incomplete and too spread over different places (success, docs, documentation, courses, forum, etc).

It requires some search skills to be able to find what you are looking for very fast, and most people do not have this skill (than the number of same questions over and over in the forum). I know, a person can get lazy, but in most cases I think it is really a lack of search skill (that the person don't even know about).

The online courses are great, but imho they are insufficient and bad when we need to "review". Most people do not benefit of someone "talking" to them, unless they already have some experience in the subject. For the newcomers, the online course is something that is very easily forgettable.

But books... Ah...
When well organized, in a proper sequence, easy to go forth and back, easy to make summaries, always there for you with all the information easily found.

It is not perfect, but to "understand" what you are doing is so much better than videos...
They are not perfect, but I really think they have its place in the world. Even our world, where things change so fast. :)

For newcomers, the lack of the basic and intermediate knowledge on the platform and programming in a single place is a missing.

Eduardo Jauch 


Thanks Eduardo for you contribution. I could not put it better

I think book is always needed:

- it is much more structured than the messy ones found in many  places (success, docs, documentation, courses, forum, etc).

- not all time we sit in front of the computer and connected with Internet, much time we read in the beach, etc. And reading book makes our eyes healthier.

Hope Outsystems encouraged its experts to write some books as other big company does and i'll buy them :).



Barong Bali is my colleague from Outsystems Elite Partner here in Indonesia. 

And I can tell that he has been completely in love with low-code especially Outsystems. 

I hope his dream of having Outsystems Cookbook will come true someday, Outsystems... :)