showing container and button when a button clicks


I am newbie in outsystems, I want to accomplish a task.

When i click on a button to get available room, Then an expression displaying price and room number should display and a button to submit booking should display.

Is there anyone to help?


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Hello Usama,

Are you talking about the final project on the introductory training? :)

If you did the course, you have all you need to accomplish this task.

You will now what an expression is and how to bind it to a variable.

You will know that you can set a button/link to ajax submit method, and in the screen action you perform the logic to find the available room and price, usually, in this case, with a SQL that will receive as input parameters the information (number of adults, children , dates). You will also know that you can ajax refresh the expression, if you had given a name to it, and if the values in the bounded variables changed the screen will be updated.

And you will know that you can use an IF in the screen that shows something, like a button, only if a condition is meet, like a room was found, and that you can give it a name and ajax refresh it to evaluate the condition and show or not the button.

If you didn't the training, I recommend you give it a try, as you will be able to do all of this.


Eduardo Jauch


Hi Eduardo 

Thanks for the help..