Public elements not found for eSpace with hash ...


I am working on an on-site enterprise licensed environment and we have something that is spitting out a continuous list of  errors: 

Public elements not found for eSpace with hash 'pXU1KlKfOL9+AOL_w5lCrw'

What is causing this? How can I investigate  these errors? What is the meaning of the hash code and what can I do with it?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Vonnelize,

I have no idea why you have these errors, or why it shows the hash in the error messages, but in would expect there's something wrong with the meta model data.

I suspect the hash is the HMAC Attribute of the Espace entity from System.

I've asked OutSystems to take a look at this, but if you have access to OutSystems Support, I'd advise you to also report it there.

Hello Vonnelize,

The error that you are getting is usually a symptom of a problem during the Lifetime synchronization.

Nevertheless this issue should be properly analyzed by the OutSystems Support Team to make sure you get the right assistance.

As Kilian said, I'd like to encourage you to report this issue through our Support Portal.


Thank you. I will report the problem and let you know here what the outcome is.

I have the same problem with an on-premise environment. Anything useful yet? 

Hi Rob, I logged a service call with OutSystems . They looked into it and said that it was caused by references that were out of sync in Lifetime and that we needed to upgrade to the latest version. They said that it is not a problem and that the errors can be ignored. However, we have not upgraded, so I cannot tell you if that will solve the problem.