SSL certificates

We have an outsystems aplication that runs with SSL Security. A certificate was bought and installed on the server. However we do not want to buy more certificates for the development and test enviroments... We need these enviroments to be the same ie. with valid SSL so that proper testing can be done. At the moment we have a trial licence on these servers but the user is warned that the connection may not be valid and what's worse is that emails whose body is an URL is not generated ... an error message is generated in service center (The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Could not establish trust relationship with remote server) etc...

Any ideas as to what we can do to have a test scenario with all espaces configured for SSL and running on a server with a 'phoney' ie. not a "real" certificate that has to be bought, but works just the same ie. no warnings etc ...
Hi Orlando,

Not sure if it helps, but check this topic:
Creating a test Digital Certificate in IIS 6

Paulo Ramos
Thanks I'll give it a try...

You may also want to be aware that you need to stop all SQL Server services before installing the certificates, otherwise the sql server will use the certificate in its connections and theplatform will stop working correctly. See for furter information

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For noobs like me in the Windows server world, this site has some good videos (steps 2 and 3) on generating/installing self-signed certs in Windows Server 2008 / IIS 7
Netometer looks to be a good screencasts and video tutorials service but it's a paid service.
In IIS7, after generating the self-signed certificate and installed it in certificates, the SSL connection would still not work.
We had to select the certificate to use with SSL connection. Consult the image bellow.
PS: In the forum the image is truncated to the right. Download it to see it complete.