I have created an email screen with a link built-in that points to my outsystems application. Each link is pointing to a screen in Outsystems. However they create a http link. Now I like the links in the email to use https, instead of http.

How would I do do that?

- Our system already has a SSL certificate present.
- I've set the UI flow configuration to: HTTP Security = SSL / TLS

Still the links are http.
Anyone has any idea?

Hi Paul,

A quick test reveals me that you were on the right track: setting HTTP Security to something else than None turns the link into a https link instead of an http one.

Since you indicate it doesn't work in your case, are those screens you link to in the same eSpace as the e-mail screen? If not, did you refresh the references after changing the HTTP Security setting and publishing?

Do I need to set the HTTP Security setting to SSL in both the e-mail UI flow as the Screen UI Flow that is being linked to?

And yes they are in the same e-space. I made two different UI flows though, 1 for emails 1 for webpages.


OK the solution was to set the screens to SSL.

You also need to set the screen that is being linked to on SSL.


Ok, that's not what I saw in my example, but then again, they were in the same flow. Great you found the solution.

Hi All,

I have the same issue but my email is triggered from a process flow when a record is inserted in a table. I have modified the pages to https security but still my link URL in email shows http. 

Any help in this regard would be very much appreciated.