[Time Zone] Upgrade to 10 Time zone compiler issue

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Published on 2018-10-01 by André Vieira
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Published on 2018-10-01 by André Vieira

Hi I'm trying to move to OutSystems 10 in development and when I finally upgraded I have the problem of the compiler for the Time zone extension.  When I tried to get the new extension it sends a message telling this " This project cannot be installed because you already have a customized version running in your enviroment. "What I need to do in order to get the new version? do I need to delete what I have and then downloaded again??  let me know and thanks


Hi Denise,

You can download the component from the forge in the browser and then publish it directly in Service Center or in Service Studio. For this last option just select: Open file... > Change file type to OAP > then select the file.

I hope this helps,



Thanks!! that worked!