I've been trying to get caching to work using the Cache in Minutes property and for the most part this works well but there have been issues with getting SilkUI widgets in nested webblocks to work and with rewriting meta data and page title information. This is for a web site so we want the fast response from caching but also need the meta tag rewriting for SEO purposes.

 I've tried two scenarios, both of which have issues :

1. Cache the web screen itself. This works perfectly except that any meta data rewritten using the HttpRequestHandler functions doesn't appear in the cached version of the page. I've created a simple application that demonstrates this problem (attached).

2. Cache a web block within the page with the meta rewrite in the page preparation. This works in simple pages but where SilkUI or RichWidgets (eg drop down menus or accordions) are in nested webblocks these fail to work when the webblock is cached.

Does anyone have a work around for either of these issues, the first being the simplest if there is just a way to rewrite the metadata when the whole page is cached?


Hello Chris,

For the first, I don't know if there is any way to "mess" with the cache, but I would say that probably there isn't. At least not directly through OutSystems... But it's just a feeling... :)

Regarding the second...

At least when we are talking about SilkUI, the widgets are connected to the layout (it has JavaScript required for them to work.

My best guess here is that if you are caching a web block, but the layout is not being cached, with the result that they stop working, something is getting "disconnected".

As the layout itself is a web block, I would say that a possible workaround would be to clone the layout to an espace, set its cache timeout and see if this works.

If it works, would be almost like have the page cached, with being able to mess with the HEAD ;)

I think that is no one else have any other idea, this would be worth the shoot, even if only for a small test.


Eduardo Jauch